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Start your own Corporate Housing Business today!

It’s never been easier…

Extended Stay Properties offers an Easy to Follow

Step-by-Step  “Business Development Program”

“Invest in YOUR Financial FUTURE” is not just a phrase… It is a call to action!

Reasons to choose the ESP Program…..


Start your own Corporate Housing and set your own schedule

Enjoy managing your Corporate Housing Business from home, with flexible hours that fit your schedule and family’s needs.

Does your financial security seem like a puzzle without all the pieces????

ESP has the pieces…

And the list goes on…..

Who uses Corporate, Short-term or Temporary Housing?

Start with these two puzzle pieces…


… to build your financial future.

Business Development Laws & Regulations Advertising Strategies Office Management Guest Relations Community Networking Short-term Housing

Here is a Fun Puzzle Analogy

As with any puzzle, it can be an arduous task to find all the pieces and put them all in their proper place. With a puzzle, this may take hours, days or even weeks. With a new business, this can take months or years to find all the pieces and put them in their proper place. By that time, your business could be floundering at best.